The all new Peugeot 3008 - Next Level Electric Fastback SUV!

By Sandyford Jun 18, 2024

You might often wonder whether a car can live up to all of its amazing accolades once it has been launched. The Peugeot E-3008 does this and more! The Peugeot E-3008 surpasses all the classic adjectives, smooth images, and fancy write ups. With over 1.3 million motorists in 130 countries driving the previous version of the 3008, we already knew we were on a winner before the all-new E-3008 Peugeot made its showroom debut. Like most car brands, Peugeot spend a lot of PR time and money letting the public know about the wonderful innovations, the classy style, and the smooth drive of new models in each range. We really didn’t need to do this for the all-new E-Peugeot 3008. What a car! This beauty is selling itself by simply being seen on Irish roads. It’s the next level electric fastback SUV in full electric and hybrid and it is the cause of serious vehicle envy among Irish motorists. Here is why…

Peugeot has been well on its way to offering the broadest electric range of vehicle for a number of years. The introduction of the all-new E-3008 with its strong and bold choices that improve appeal and performance is further confirmation of Peugeot’s commitment to the future of smooth, green driving. While retaining everything  that is loved about the previous 3008 models, this new alliteration keeps the signature three-pronged lightning LED lights, the aerodynamic SUV lines, and the unmistakable Peugeot grille with the addition of a certain panache and joie de vivre. Inside and out, it’s a fantastic family car. The new Panoramic i-Cockpit is just spectacular and brings together all the best in  innovations of the past years. A 21-inch-high-definition curved panel, large screen literally floats on an invisible mount about the dashboard. Touchscreen access allows for easy use of 10 of your favourite functions. All controls are easily to hand. Internal design is thoughtful and pleasing with a mix of tactile fabrics and materials in what can only be described as a fairly dramatic front-seat area. Big storage bins make it practical as well as good looking. The rear-seat passengers will be happy with some decent legroom and the  boot has a full 520 litres for cargo.

Forget range anxiety!

The debut model of the Peugeot E-3008 boasts a range of up to 525 km, which is excellent, but there will be further improvements to range in future models. Gaëtan Dumoulin of Peugeot, explains the range of electric powertrains available: "The new E-3008 SUV will offer an ELECTRIC 210 hp version at launch, with two additional versions to follow. A long-range version with a range of up to 700 km, and a dual motor version developing 320 hp. Enough to satisfy all customers profiles.”  Driving further and in more comfort. The all-new electric Peugeot 3008 is particularly agile and responsive to drive, with outstanding road holding, superb refinement, and unique comfort. Fluid, quiet and smooth to drive with amazing, shining good looks. It accelerates confidently, holds the road perfectly. No wonder it’s a head turner on Irish roads!

If you fancy test driving the all new E3008, and enjoying those envious looks as you glide by in comfort and style, contact us here at Sandyford Motor Center and prepare to be converted to the allure and upmarket drive of the all-new Peugeot E3008 SUV.


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